For Parents

Some resources for Parents of Middle and High School Age…

Here are some links that can help…..

The Center for Youth and Parent Understanding

Real World Parents

Barna Research

Common Sense Media

No One resource contains all the answers, no expert beyond the creator of these kids know the specifics, we all have a lifetime to learn and write our story which includes our kids, their environment, community, school, and friends.  We want what is best for our children.  We want to grow them into men and women of character, integrity, and conviction…. but this is something that didn’t necessarily come with instructions and so some of these links can provide support, information, and possibly some encouragement.

Some Articles of Interest. - these are going to be articles that I run across that deal with youth culture or parenting thoughts…some interesting, all will make you think.

Advice for Parents about social media and internet usage.

Talking to kids about Sex - a 5 part blog.

Talking to your kids about Alcohol Use.

Interesting Article about Facebook making us misreable, parents it is definitely worth checking out to further quality conversation with your teens.

Our Globalized Kids.  The culture and world they are growing up in that is so different from ours.  An article highlighting the challenges, as well as the opportunities.

Kids going to College Prepared.  Real Agenda of Some College Professors by Albert Mohler

Why do we let them dress like that?  A WSJ contributor. From a Woman apart of the self proclaimed - feminist and postfeminist and postpill generation.

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